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Rupali Chakankar’s bio, wiki, family, caste, height, husband, daughter, son, father, career parents, and biography are all available online. Recently, Rupali Chakankar was named President of the Women Wing of the NCP. She is a well-known Congress Party politician. She is the one who most recently joined the BJP-Shivsena coalition administration, along with AjitPawar, Shivsena’s nephew.

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Rupali’s age and parents are as follows:

she was born in Pune, Maharashtra, India, on May 28, 1982. She is a well-known Congress Party politician. Her age is 41 according to the documents. She was chosen to serve as the NCP Women’s Wing President. Parvati Borate is Rupali’s mother, and Babanrao Borate is her father.

Rupali Nationality and Caste: Mrs. Chakankar is of Indian nationality, having been born in Maharashtra. Given her place of birth, there is conjecture that she is a member of the Maratha community. She identifies as Asian and practices Hinduism.

Career of Rupali Chakankar:

Rupali is a well-known Congress Party politician. She just took on the role of President of the NCP Woman Wing, and she belongs to the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP). Through a multitude of initiatives, Rupali has worked to elevate the social and economic status of women by enabling them to organize Self Help Groups. She is a well-known and stunning leader.


Mrs. Chakankar attended a local high school for her education. She graduated from Pune University with a Master of Business Administration (MBA).

Spouse, Daughter, and Son:

NileshChakankar is the spouse of Rupali. The name of her daughter is currently unknown. SohamChakankar, Rupali’s son, is poised to make his acting debut. Rupali frequently posts photos of herself and her kid Soham to her Instagram page.

Rupali’s height and weight:

Rupali is a stunning woman who is 5 feet 6 inches tall. She also has a weight of roughly 61 kg. She exudes a very charming presence along with an excellent physique.

rupali chakankar age
rupali chakankar age

Net Worth:

Based on the facts at hand, Rupali Chakankar‘s net worth is estimated to be around 7 crore Indian rupees. Because she is a politician, her only source of income is the money that the Indian government pays her.

Social Media Activity of Rupali:

Rupali is rather active on social media. She frequently updates her supporters on news related to politics and other personal happenings. 425,000 people follow her on Instagram. She has more than 397k fans on Facebook.

Certain Unknown Facts

Chakankar is currently the Nationalist Congress Party Nationalist Women of India’s State President.
She recently assumed the role of Woman’s Wing President at NCP.
She also coordinated several demonstrations opposing the mistreatment of women.
Her efforts have primarily been directed toward empowering women via Self Help Groups (SHGs), which seek to improve their social and economic status.
NCP Rupali was appointed as the State Women Commission’s chairwoman.
NCP members headed by Rupali hurled crabs outside of Maharashtra’s water conservation minister TanajiSawant’s Pune residence in protest of Sawant’s remarks.
Under Rupali’s direction, NCP members chanted chants critical of the BJP government and the ED’s penalties against SharadPawar while holding black banners and black shirts.

FAQs concerning ChakankarRupali:

1.  Rupali Chakankar , who is it?
A: Rupali, a 40-year-old Indian woman, was born on May 28, 1982, in Pune, Maharashtra. According to claims on social media, she is a well-known Congress Party politician. Her appointment as President of the NCP Woman Wing occurred lately.

2. What is Rupali Chakankar‘s age?
A: As of 2022, she is forty years old.

3. Who is RupaliChakankar’s husband?
A: She and NileshChakankar are wed.

4. Who is Rupali Chakankar‘s father?
A: RupaliChakankar’s father goes by the name Babanrao Borate.

5. Where did Rupali Chakankar come of age?
A: On May 28, 1982, Rupali was born in Pune, India.

6. What has been RupaliChakankar up to lately?
A: Rupali Chakankar is the Nationalist Congress Party Nationalist Women of India’s State President at the moment.

7. What is RupaliChakankar’s height?
A: 5 feet and 6 inches tall.

8. What makes RupaliChakankar so well-liked?
A: She recently took office as the NCP Woman Wing President. Ms. Rupali, an NCP, is the chair of the State Women Commission. Rupali Chakankar, an enduring star, rose to prominence quite rapidly.

9. What is the primary revenue stream?
A: Her employment as a politician provides the majority of her income. Her government pay is her source of income.


In conclusion, Chakankar is recognized as both a politician and a significant member of the Indian Young Generation. Rupali Chakankar is an iconic figure in modern times, even though she rose to great fame quickly. She has had considerable success in politics.


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