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We say goodbye to Dubai-based social media personality Aziz Alasmar, marking the end of an era. All of his followers throughout the world are shocked to hear of his passing. Aziz was a source of unending happiness in our life and much more than just a TikToker.  We’re here today to honor his memory and commemorate the amazing trip he took.

The Demise of Aziz Alasmar

On January 19, 2023, Aziz passed away at a Saudi hospital.
It’s said that his deteriorating health caused his death. The complexities of his medical background and impairments piqued people’s interest. Malnutrition, hormone abnormalities, cartilage dysplasia, celiac disease, and numerous other conditions are examples of diseases. He struggled with his growth since birth.

He had numerous therapies over the years in the hopes of improving his health. His health recently took a turn for the worse, requiring hospitalization. In the hospital, Aziz was given particular attention, but no miracles occurred.

Social media users saw footage of Al-Ahmad in his hospital bed, hardly moving at all. A woman asked him to say something to his followers in the video. “I want to tell them that I love them so much,” he retorted. When she asked how he was feeling, he said that he was feeling better.

Aziz Alasmar:Early Life & Age

Between 1989 and 1993, YazanAlasmar’s parents welcomed him into the world in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. There are rumors that his real name is Aziz Al-Ahmad. Regretfully, we are unable to obtain precise details regarding his birthday. As a result of his birth, he is an Emirati citizen. He completed his studies at a reputable private school in the neighborhood. After that, he continued his education at a respectable university.

Aziz Alasmar:Weight& Height

Aziz Alasmar has a height of 3 feet, 0 inches. He is about 17 kilograms in weight. He has gorgeous brown hair and warm brown eyes. His dress size, shoe size, biceps, chest, waist, and hip dimensions are all unknown.

Aziz Alasmar:Income

What is Aziz Alasmarestimated net worth? Let me inform you that he earns income through a number of channels, such as paid advertisements, social media, donations, and more. His Instagram handle revealed to us that he owns a number of branded vehicles at his residence, including Rolls Royce, BMW, Mercedes, and numerous more. As of December 2023, YazanAlasmar’s net worth is projected to be at USD 1.5 million.


Aziz Alasmar is an influencer on social media. Regarding his prior employment, he completed his schooling and worked for several private companies. He held a number of jobs and accumulated useful experience. He now makes reels and is a well-known social media influencer.

YazanAlasmar is an influencer on social media. To discuss his previous employment, he worked at many private companies after earning his degree. YazanAlasmar worked at multiple professions and gained valuable expertise. He currently creates reels and has a sizable social media following. He has also worked with a number of well-known magazines and companies.

Aziz Alasmar: Relationship & Girlfriend

Aziz Alasmar is dating? Aziz Al-Ahmad is a well-off and accomplished man. Many of his fans were overjoyed to discover additional details about his personal life. Let me tell you, the films he posted on Instagram with a tall, blonde woman went viral. After that, people began to discover more about him on social media.

aziz alasmar wife
aziz alasmar wife

Let me tell you that although he has worked with many attractive women, he is not now dating anyone. This indicates that he is presently single and concentrating on his work. We’ll do everything in our power to update this section as soon as possible.

Who Are His Parents?

Aziz was fortunate to have his parents’ consistent support, who urged him to accept his skills and disregard criticism from others. He also maintained the names of his siblings a closely-kept secret, even if his parents’ identities are still unknown.

Who Is His Spouse?

Aziz and Maryam are married and have a child together. She has been in several of his videos with him.

In summary

Even though Aziz Alasmar‘s light has faded, those who loved him still feel his presence in their hearts. His heartwarming films and stunning pictures will endure as a tribute to a life well-lived and now at rest.


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