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Saravanan Arul is a well-known businessman and actor from India. Several well-known retail establishments, including “Legend Saravana,” “The Legend New Saravana Stores,” and “SaravanaSelvarathinam,” are owned by him. This is a family business, with the father of his son employed there.

He is a well-known social media influencer, businessman, and actor from Indian cinema. Saravanan Arul is primarily associated with the Tamil cinema industry. Due to the news movie “The Legend,” which is showing in hundreds of theaters throughout Tamil Nadu, he is currently trending on Google. The film’s primary characters are Saravanan Arul and UrvashiRautela.


On July 10, 1970, Saravanan Arul was born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. He is an entrepreneur, social media sensation, and actor in Indian films. This page does not contain his name, his mother’s name, or his father’s name. Several well-known retail establishments, including “SaravanaSelvarathinam,” “Legend Saravana,” and “The Legend New Saravana Stores,” are owned by him. His age is fifty-two.


On July 10, 1970, he was born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. His occupation is that of an Indian film actor, social media celebrity, and businessman. He is a giving and nice individual. For the “Kaja cyclone” in November 2018, Saravanan Arul donated a record 1 million rupees.

He donates directly to the TN Chief Executive Fund. He is fifty years old. Social media platforms claim that he is well-known for his parts in a large number of Tamil and Telugu movies. Find out more on Saravanan Arul’s wiki.


Saravanan Arul began his professional life in his family’s company. He is the proprietor of a number of well-known retail establishments, including “The Legend New Saravana Stores,” “SaravanaSelvarathinam,” and “Legend Saravana.” His father and uncle bear some of the blame for his commercial success.

He is an actor in addition to his company. When he appeared in an advertisement for his own online business with two of Hollywood’s biggest stars, Tamannaah and HansikaMotwani, he became even more well-known for his acting abilities.

After that, he received internet trolling for his performance with these gifted actresses promoting his store. But it worked, and as a result of trolling, he and his stores were able to become more well-known, which is the objective he set for himself.

Saravanan Arul’s spouse and union

Due of Saravanan Arul‘s marital status, a lot of people have been asking questions online regarding his wife. After conducting extensive investigation, we have discovered that Saravanan is, in fact, married and presently resides in Chennai with his spouse. Still unknown, though, is his wife’s precise identity. Although some media outlets claim that his wife’s name is Suryashree, there is no official confirmation of this information.

saravanan arul net worth
saravanan arul net worth

Regarding information about his children and previous romantic relationships, Saravanan preserves his privacy. He hasn’t spoken a much about his personal life, even though he has worked with a number of well-known musicians and celebrities. We will keep looking for more information, and as soon as we do, we’ll update this section.

Fascinating Details and Information

He is a kind individual who gets along well with businessmen. In November 2018, he gave “Kaja cyclone” a donation of one crore rupees. He gives the TN Chief Executive Fund his entire donation.

  • Because of his features, he faced a lot of insults from meme creators after appearing in TV commercials for his own business.
  • Big Bazaar’s founder, Kishore Biyani, claims that Saravana Stores served as inspiration for him when he founded the company.
  • He has always faced criticism for paying his staff extremely little.
  • He enjoys reading the news.
  • At his daughter’s wedding event, held at the Grand Chola Hotel in Chennai, he gave her a dress valued at Rs. 13 crore.

Saravanan Arul on Wikipedia

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, is where I was born and reared. He is under the sign of Cancer. Despite his family’s well-established business, he was eager to pursue the major leagues after graduating from college. About his studies, nothing else is known.

Salary of Saravanan Arul

By 2023, his projected net worth is expected to be between $20 and $30 million. 150–200 crore would be this amount.


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