How Was His Wife Killed by a Former TV Bailiff? Spivey was arrested when?


Renard Spivey was a bailiff on the court program Justice for All with Judge Cristina Perez in the beginning. Renard allegedly faces charges related to his wife’s death. Viewers are most familiar with Renard L. Spivey from his stint as the bailiff in the courtroom drama Justice for All, which aired from 2012 to 2016.

Starring in the series was Judge Cristina Perez. When he wasn’t employed by the television industry, he was a deputy with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office in Houston. Renard Spivey’s wife went by the name Patricia. Patricia was a student at Jack Yates High School. Apart from that, she was very focused on maintaining her physical health.

Renard got into an inadvertent shooting altercation with his wife over a gun at around three in the morning. And with that, he dialed 911. Following public release of this information, the hashtag “Former TV Bailiff Killed Wife” became popular. You may read more about the former TV bailiff who killed his wife in this article.

How Was His Wife Killed by a Former TV Bailiff?

Spivey suffered a gunshot wound to his leg when police arrived at the site of a domestic disturbance complaint, according to Fox News. According to the authorities, Patricia Ann Marshall Spivey, 52, was shot to death and her body was discovered following further investigation.

According to Spivey’s charges, which were read aloud in court on Monday, he told police that Patricia and he were fighting because of his alleged usage of steroids. Spivey claimed that the two got into a fight over a gun that was kept in the bedroom closet.

At least three shots were fired in all, with Patricia and Renard each taking one shot. A Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy who had previously played a bailiff in a courtroom drama was freed from custody on Wednesday after securing a $50,000 bond.

Monday night, Renard Spivey, 63, was taken into custody following a murder charge. Patricia Ann Marshall Spivey, 52, is believed to have been shot and died on Sunday at their home in southeast Houston.

Renard reportedly revealed to police, according to KHOU-TV, during an interview that was recorded by an officer’s body camera, “We were arguing and tussling with the gun.” All day, we had been arguing.

When was he arrested?

On July 29, 2019, he was taken into custody for the murder of his wife, Patricia Ann Marshall Spivey. Renard claimed that Patricia and he had argued over their separation all day. According to reports, they got into a fight over a gun, which unintentionally fired during their fight, killing Patricia.

Patricia was discovered dead in the master bedroom closet when the cops arrived. Patricia’s cell phone and cartridges were found next to her body by the authorities. A 9-mm handgun sitting atop a laundry basket was also there.

She suffered from wrist contusions in addition to two bullet wounds, one to her arm and one to her heart. Renard sustained a gunshot wound to his leg and was sent to a nearby hospital. He claimed Patricia had shot him in the leg during their fight.

Now, where is Spivey?

The government has asked for a large bond sum because Spivey has a history of working in law enforcement and is accused of murder. The judge increased the bond to over $800,000. Authorities also asked for a sizable bond, arguing that because of Renard’s experience as a peace officer and his familiarity with firearms, he was a flight risk and a serious threat to the community. Renard Spivey’s bond was eventually lowered to $50,000 by the judge after the prosecution had originally sought a bond of more than $100,000.

He fired the Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy who was supposedly at fault for his wife’s demise. However, following that decision, no further details on Renard Spivey’s verdict or any indication of his whereabouts or actions at the time were revealed.


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