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Priyanka Mongia is a notable star on Indian social networking. This in-depth biography says a number of aspects of her life, including data about her height, age, family, profession, and other things. In add on to making a name for herself over India, Priyanka Mongia has gained attraction throughout the world. Let’s explore the amazing specifics that characterize this viral presence on social media.

Early Life and Career Path

Mongia, who was Brought up in Punjab, India, on September 27, 1999, initiated her TikTok journey in 2018. Her videos, which quickly increased in popularity and characteristics dance routines, lip-syncing, and funny acts, says about her flexibility. She has transferred into acting and modelling in add on to TikTok, appearing on the covers of several magazines and appearing in ads and music videos.


University: Punjab’s Khalsa College, India

Education Requirement: Graduate


  • Cuisines have in Italian, Chinese, Thai, Indian, and sweets.
  • Actor/Actress: Salman, Katrina Kaif, Parineeti Chopra, Amitabh Bachchan, and many more.
  • Singers: Arijit Singh, Badshah, and Lata Didi
  • Hobbies have in cooking, shopping, wondering, watching films, and creating TikTok videos.
  • Bollywood films include Hum Saath Saath Hai.
  • Vacation Spots: Prague, Goa, Paris, Bali


Priyanka started her modeling career by collaborating with well-known organizations in the watch, cosmetics, and phone case areas.

Success Story: Around January 24, 2019, Priyanka uploaded her starting video to the YouTube channel, which she started in 2019. She worked on Instagram around February 1, 2016.

Awards: Notable for having good fans (22.8 million for TikTok and 4.7 million for Instagram).

Standouts: born to Jalandhar, Punjab, India around September 27, 1997. She has an essence love for 90s music, Bollywood movies, fashion, and photography.

Brand affiliations: Priyanka has worked with well-known companies that manufacture watches, makeup, and phone cases.

priyanka mongia photo
priyanka mongia photo

Advice for the Young

Mogia gives insightful counsel to young people who aspire to be successful, motivating them to embrace who they are and follow their goals. Her message emphasizes the transformational power of positive deeds and encompasses cultivating kindness and making a meaningful influence in the world.

Examining Acting and Modeling as Potential Career Paths

Mongia’s career now has many facets thanks to her ventures into acting and modeling. Through her involvement in music videos and advertising, she has proven that she is capable of going beyond digital media and making a lasting impression on traditional media.

Income and Net Worth

Mongia’s mastery of social media is the key to her financial success. Her main sources of income are TikTok advertisements, sponsored posts, and corporate partnerships. Her financial competence is demonstrated by her projected $1 million net worth, which is the result of her endeavors.

The Social Impact of Priyanka Mongia

Mongia’s influence goes beyond amusement. She is a prime instance of how social media can be a used for good in the globe because she has used this platform to raise awareness of significant social issues while entertaining a global audience through her TikTok things.

Acting, Modeling, and Entrepreneurship

Mongia’s future career diversification goals are evident as she looks to the performing and modeling industries. Her desire to start her own clothing brand further demonstrates her spirit of entrepreneurship and portends a bright and exciting future.

Beyond the Screens

Mungia has multiple dogs, demonstrating her passion of animals in her personal life. She demonstrates an admirable dedication to having a positive impact by actively supporting numerous organizations and social concerns, even beyond the glitz of the internet world.

Priyanka Mongia: Is She Still Living?

Priyanka Mongia is not dead. Contrary to rumors going around that she passed away, Priyanka Mongia is still alive and well. A video that purports to show her death is false and deceptive. Priyanka Mongia disproved these untrue allegations in a video that she posted on her YouTube and Instagram accounts on December 21, 2022. BJP lawmaker Sonali Phogat’s funeral procession and unrelated images of an earlier accident were mistakenly identified in the film as depictions of Priyanka’s passing.

priyanka mongia death
priyanka mongia death

It is crucial to remember that the assertions stated in the post are wholly untrue and shouldn’t be taken seriously. Priyanka Mongia is still alive and well and is still posting information on her social media accounts.

Priyanka Mongia mate

She prefers to keep her personal information very private because she respects her privacy. When it comes to her love interest, she has always kept a low area and never talked about or disclosed any facts about her romances in her social life. Priyanka Mongia is said to be content with her single stature and not having a boyfriend at the present, according to several sources.

Priyanka Mongia maintains a degree of discretion and concentrates on her job and content production by keeping her personal life private. Through her TikTok videos and other social media posts, she dedicates her time and efforts to amusing her followers, letting them enjoy her skill and creativity without interfering with her personal connections.

Priyanka Mongia Instagram username

Priyanka Mongia has amassed a commendable fan base across multiple social media channels. She currently has around 194k followers, which is an excellent number even though it is comparatively less than some of her peers. Despite this, she makes the most of the photo-sharing website by uploading a wide variety of images that highlight her chic and sophisticated appearances.


In summary, Priyanka Mongia is more than just an influencer—she is a source of inspiration and encouragement. Millions of people have connected with her captivating material and upbeat personality, making her an inspiration to the younger generation. As Mongia’s professional trajectory soars, new turning points are reached in her remarkable career.


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