Maegan Hall: who is she? The scandal involving the female police officer in the City of Lavergne is explained


Maegan Hall, a married Tennessee police officer, was recently let go from her job at the La Vergne Police Department after having an affair with six other cops.

Along with Hall, the four policemen who were fired were Sergeant Lewis Powell, Sergeant Ty McGowan, Officer Juan Lugo, and Detective Seneca Shields.

Officers Larry Holladay, Gavin Schoeberl, and Patrick Magliocco were also placed on administrative leave due to their involvement in the affair.

La Vergne Mayor Jason Cole requested that the city’s Human Resources Director, Andrew Patton, investigate into the matter after receiving information from a whistleblower, and the investigation into the alleged relationships got underway on December 12.

The inquiry revealed that the second shift police had illicit photo and video exchanges with each other, had private contacts within the station while on duty, and had concealed physical connections both during and after work.

According to the investigation, some of the interactions took place at officer-hosted football watch parties, where the officers talked of bringing their wives along with Maegan Hall for private events.

Additional private meetings allegedly occurred at a hotel after an excursion to the Go Kart USA facility and at a shift party during an NFL game. On one such occasion, Sergeant Eric Staats’ houseboat hosted a “hot tub party,” where Officer Maegan Hall was accused of stripping.

Staats was not directly connected to the controversy, but Hall was charged with having another alleged private meeting in the boat’s restroom with a police officer.

When the investigation concluded on December 28, Mayor Cole declared the circumstances to be “unacceptable” and indicated that he had given the order to reprimand the involved officers:

Although the scenario was “difficult,” LVPD Police Chief Burrel “Chip” Davis told CBS that a small number of cops do not represent the department as a whole.

Alderwoman Kara Hobbs of La Vergne expressed her shock and disappointment at the scenario to WTVF. She continued by saying that authorities would need to work at regaining the community’s trust:

The district attorney for Rutherford County, however, affirmed that there was “no evidence” of any criminal activity in the case.

Maegan Hall wed the love of her undergraduate years.

Former police officer Maegan Hall worked for the La Vergne Police Department. She recently made news after being sacked from her position for engaging in on-and off-duty relationships with at least six other police officers.

Jedidiah and Maegan Hall were college sweethearts who got married in November 2018, according to the Daily Mail. In March of last year, the couple also purchased their first Manchester family home.

According to internal investigative reports, Hall supposedly attempted to include her husband in their trysts, but he “wasn’t on board.” Jedidiah allegedly supported his wife despite the mounting dispute, though.

In spite of Hall’s controversy, Jedidiah’s supervisor, Coffee County Sheriff Chad Partin, told the Daily Mail that the former tried to save his marriage to her:

Hall is wed to Jedidiah, a pastor’s son and a former state park ranger. According to the officers connected to Hall, she stated she was in an open marriage, but her husband appeared unhappy when he met Amy, the wife of former kis*ing cop Magliocco, at a party.

Maegan Hall, who grew up in rural Tennessee and dreamed of being an actor, was described in the journal. She did, however, wind up going into law enforcement in her 20s, and before being fired from the position, she worked the second shift.

Some of Hall’s coworkers reportedly had worries about her heavy drinking and mental health problems in addition to her affairs. According to investigation records, Hall once unloaded her revolver and shot it at her head “so she could hear what it sounded like,” according to officer Magliocco.

Additionally, according to Magliocco, Maegan Hall expressed “harmful thoughts.” He allegedly said that Hall “should not be alone” several times.

Hall was well-known for flaunting her extensive tattoo collection on her TikTok accounts. She has been called a “petite blonde” with a “baby-face.” Following her incident, the ex-police officer was seen grinning and on a dog walk in the backyard of her married residence while donning a baseball cap, sweatpants, and a t-shirt.

She apparently spent many hours with a stack of papers and a vape pen in a nearby sports bar after being spotted later wearing jeans and a flannel shirt.

For the first time since the controversy, Maegan Hall also spoke with The Daily Mail, stating that she was more interested in “moving on” and living her life than in talking about the circumstances.


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