Details & Review of Highrich Online Shopping: Is It Real or Fake?


Do their goods merit the price they charge?

We are investigating all pertinent information regarding a wealthy online retailer today.

What is the HighRich e-commerce platform?

The Highrich Online Shopping Platform is an e-commerce platform that uses a network marketing (multi-level marketing) business model to reward its customers.

Details of the Private Limited Company Highrich Online Shoppe

The firm that operates the High Rich online shopping platform, Highrich Online Shoppe Private Limited, was formally incorporated on October 22, 2019 in India (registration number: 060038).

The company’s directors are Kattukaren Sreedharan Sreena and Kolatt Dasan Prathapan (Prathapan KD).


Address: Thrissur District, Kerala State, India; Door No. TC 41/1030/14, Second-floor Kanimangalam Tower, Valiyalukkal, Thrissur Taluk, Thrissur District, PIN 680027 is the email ID.

Is wealthy online shopping authentic or phony?

Is the Highrich online store fraudulent?

No. Highrich online shopping is a legitimate enterprise operated by Highrich online shoppe private limited, a recognized corporation.

Is it legal to run a wealthy internet retail business?

Indeed. In India, network marketing and online sales are acceptable. These two business methods are being used by the Highrich online shopping company.

The business is officially registered. On the Ministry of Corporate Affairs’ website, you can see the registration information (MCA). U72900KL2020PTC06507 is the Corporate Identification Number (CIN).

Is there potential for the Highrich online business?

Indeed. It has a great deal of promise.

As one is already aware, the Highrich online shopping combines digital marketing with e-commerce.

The India Brand Equity Foundation, or IBEF, says that by 2024, the country’s e-commerce area will be worth 99 billion USD. Add on to this, they state that a CAGR of 57% is anticipated for the grocery market as  growth.

There are also grocery items for sale on the Highrich online shopping website.

In the future, I don’t think people will go to a store or supermarket and buy their own. There is no need to visit a store or supermarket if people can order everything they need with just one click and a cash on delivery method. This is exactly what the Highrich internet store is doing.

Generally speaking, multilevel marketing can be challenging to profit from. However, things are not the same in the high-rich network marketing industry. It makes no difference if you fail at network marketing. because products are discounted by 2-15% for you. These goods are all from well-known companies, such as Britannia, Colgate, Pears, etc.

Just one aspect of this business is network marketing.

A problem in network marketing is that consumers prefer to use the products of their favorite brands, thus they are not prepared to utilize the new company’s product.

The simplest way to address this problem is to combine network marketing with e-commerce (with well-liked products).


Three different forms of customer registration exist.

  • No Cost to Register
  • Privileged client
  • Online Client

How to Register for Free

By getting in touch with any sponsor (someone who is already a privileged customer on High Rich Online Shop), you can join for free.

highrich in login
highrich in login

If you have a Sponsor ID belonging to a privileged client, you can also complete it on your own.

The methods for making a free account on the Highrich online store are as follows.

  • Visit “” and click the Menu button (three horizontal lines, directly beneath the Highrich Online Shoppe Private Limited Company logo).
  • Select the option for “FREE REGISTRATION”.
  • Enter your sponsor ID, name, address, mobile number, and PIN code. Next, select “Sign Up.”
  • Your password and User ID will be visible. You can use these to log in.


To take advantage of the network marketing business plan, you have to be a privileged customer of the Highrich online store. You’ll be an esteemed client. Following your purchase of any item from First Purchase Products. An initial purchase of a product requires a minimum payment of 800 INR (Indian Rupees). A 50 INR fixed delivery fee is included in the pricing.


Additionally, the business uses internet marketing for sales. The company’s digital customers will receive 50% of the revenue from digital marketing.

You must spend 12000 INR on a product package in order to register as a digital customer of the Highrich online retailer.

As a digital customer, you will also receive additional benefits.

LUXURIOUS e-commerce Products

Three categories exist.

  • Initial product purchase
  • Repurchase goods
  • Kit for activating a digital ID

Initial product purchases

You must buy a product from the initial purchase product list if you wish to do network marketing business with Highrich Online Shop.

Please take note that you are not required to buy from the first purchase products if you are joining just to buy repurchase products.


The business offers well-known brands of merchandise.

There is little initial outlay of funds.


The first purchases don’t come from well-known companies.

It will be challenging to sell a digital ID to the average person.


I hope you now have a better understanding of Highrich’s online store. I spoke about a variety of subjects, such as the company’s reputation, its specifics, its prospects for the future, its type of registration, its products, and its business plan.


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