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Indian singer, social media influencer, and former TikTok star Angel Rai has a big Instagram and MX Takatak following. In Delhi, India, on March 7, 2003, she was born.

Early Years

She was born into a Hindu household in India. Rita Rai is her mother’s name, and Suraj Prakash is her father. Aryan Rai is the name of her sibling as well. Angel Rai obtained a Bachelor of Science degree from Shanti Gyan International School in New Delhi, where she finished her education.

Thanks to her humorous, dance, and lip-sync videos on TikTok and Instagram, Angel Rai became well-known. She gained popularity fast for her audacious and fearless image, showcasing her stunning appearance in pictures and videos.


Popular Indian actress, singer, pianist, and musician Angel Rai is well-known for her contributions to the music business. With almost 78 million views, the music video “Akull’s Yaad Na Aaye (Official video)” is her most-watched video on YouTube. There have been 539 million 275 thousand 699 views on her YouTube channel overall, with the most popular video having 71 million views.

Over 20+ music videos featuring Angel Rai as the primary heroine including those for the songs Ranjhana, EkNazar, and Jab Chhaye Mera Jadoo. She plays the piano professionally and is a gifted vocalist and musician. Alongside celebrities like Akshay Kumar, her pictures and success stories have been covered in numerous prominent Indian publications and media portals.

angel rai
angel rai

Family members

Rita Rai is her mother’s name, and Suraj Prakash is her father. Aryan Rai is the name of her sibling as well. Nevertheless, except from their names, not much is known about her family. Angel Rai has not made many personal details, such as her family history, publicly available because she prefers to concentrate on her work as a singer, model, and content provider.

Revenue: Her Net worth

Working as a social media influencer, content producer, model, and vocalist is how Angel Rai makes most of her money. She makes money as an influencer through sponsored content, brand partnerships, and joint ventures with different businesses. She makes money as a model as well, participating in different commercials and photo projects. She has also contributed to music albums, which raises her earnings as a vocalist.

It is challenging to pinpoint her precise income because it varies depending on a variety of variables, including the number of brand deals she has, the fees she charges for her services, and the popularity of her albums. But with her enormous social media following, it’s safe to assume that she makes a good living from her work.

A Few Angel Rai Facts

angel rai
angel rai

Angel Rai and singer Vikas Kumar worked together on a cover video of “Jab Chaye Mera Jadoo” in February 2018. In October 2019, she also made an appearance in the music video for the song “Ranjhana,” which was sung by Zubeen Garg and had lyrics written by Rita Rai, her mother.

Angel Rai kept up her career in music videos, making appearances in two more: the February 2021 music video for “Dhanyawad” and the January 2021 music video for “Haryanvi Beat” by Diler Kharkiya and Renuka Panwar. She also sung and appeared with Zubeen Garg in the “Aye Khuda” music video in February 2021.

She and Zubeen Garg kept working together, and in April 2021, she sang and appeared in the music video for her mother’s song “Ek Nazar.” Angel Rai had an appearance in the music video for Dev Negi’s song “Mere Meharbaan” in November 2021.

Angel Rai worked with Badshah, one of the most well-known rappers in India, in 2022, serving as the main model for his music videos. In the Indian music industry, she has established herself as a rising star as her popularity only grows.

Ultimately, she appeared in the music video for Akull’s song “Yaad Na Aaye” in January 2022.

Angel Rai- schooling, college, and qualifications

The highest level of schooling attained by Angel Rai is a B.Sc. She finished her education in New Delhi, India’s Shanti Gyan International School.

Angel Rai- height, weight, measurements, and other details

Angel Rai is approximately 52 kg in weight and 5’5″ tall. Her measures are 32, 26, and 34 inches, and she has an amazing appearance. Her hair is black, and she has dark brown eyes.

In summary

All things considered, Angel Rai is a gifted and energetic person who has established herself in the digital world with her perseverance, commitment, and distinct style. Her admirers are still in awe of her and excited about her upcoming endeavors.

I hope her career continues to go well and that her followers continue to enjoy her acting and music.


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